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What is the first thing you do on Christmas Day? Where do you go shopping for Christmas? What is a Christmas tradition your family participates in? What is your favorite Christmas activity? What is your favorite Christmas food? What was your favorite Christmas present of all time? What is your favorite Christmas carol? What was the coolest gift you ever gave someone? What was the coolest gift you ever received?

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Continue to article content One late morning on a recent rainy Saturday in Austin, Texas, Dan Rather, dressed in a pressed dark suit and a crisp blue shirt, climbed a short flight of stairs up onto a stage. The venue was a hip space called the Belmont, the event was a discussion about the importance of rigorous reporting in the time of President Donald Trump, and the packed-in crowd was stylish, educated and conspicuously young.

The introduction of Rather, who is 85, old enough to be a grandfather to most of the people who were present, elicited long, loud applause—noticeably longer and louder than it was for his two accomplished and much younger fellow panelists.

Good Questions to Ask a Guy – Get To Know Him Life is not all about sex and flirty. If you are meeting a guy for the first time or your relationship is just getting started, sexual dirty questions can not only be inappropriate but also a turn off for some guys.

This is an excellent post you know. I saw this video of Penn from Penn and Teller…and he asked the same questions. You know, I do tell people. As much as I can or as much as they will listen. Jesus said that all that the Father draws will come to Him. I get really really upset when I think about those I love not being in the same place I am when eternity comes, but at the same time, I have to understand that people make their choices, and yet, at the same time God chooses His own.

What would you rather?

He graduated in from John H. Reagan High School in Houston. In , he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Sam Houston State University [3] where he was editor of the school newspaper, The Houstonian.

We asked them some of the toughest “would you rathers” we could think of. See how your answers stack up against PJ and Alex. Accidentally “like” a Facebook photo of you and your ex from when you were still dating. View Results View Results Go Back And Vote Go Back And Switch places with Miley Cyrus and live the Nicki Minaj “what’s good.

Jay loves talking about money, collecting coins, blasting hip-hop, and hanging out with his three beautiful boys. You can check out all of his online projects at jmoney. Thanks for reading the blog! Money April 16, at 2: Even when we think that we made a logical decision. There was a study in which people were asked to pick among two chickens — one was supposedly healthy, and the other was tasty. And they switched the descriptions for half the people.

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Jul 10 1: I like the story line tho, I think I agree with jackie what really happened at the end, how did Jason survive and how did the infected get to kolechenia and did they finally heal the infected people in the hospital. Jul 07 9:

“Don’t let a thief into your house three times. The first time was enough. The second time was a chance. The third time means you’re stupid.” ― C. JoyBell C.

Would you rather questions make great conversation starters for couples because they force a difficult choice on a person. Dig for the reasoning behind the choice your partner made and you have an instant, rich conversation on your hands. Here are 15 would you rather conversation starters for couples: Would you rather be in a bad relationship for the rest of your life or have no SO for the rest of your life?

They say that misery loves company. Is loneliness better than shared misery? Would you rather wear comfortable clothes or fashionable clothes? This can start a great conversation about presentation and practicality. Would you rather stay in or go out for a date? Some prefer the comforts of home, others enjoy the excitement of a night out.

Dan Rather: Optimistic About America

One of the most famous journalists in American history, Dan Rather spent 44 years at CBS, leaving behind a storied and sometimes controversial legacy. Reflections on Patriotism, coauthored with Elliot Kirschner, that includes personal stories about what he considers important American values. We spoke with the Texas-born news anchor about his book, his soaring social media popularity and the quality he would like to see more of among Americans.

Here’s what Rather told us.

Dan Irvin Rather, Jr. was born on October 31, , in Wharton County, Texas, the son of Daniel Irvin Rather, Sr., a ditch digger and pipe layer, and the former Byrl Veda Page. The Rathers moved to Houston, where Dan attended Love Elementary School and Hamilton Middle graduated in from John H. Reagan High School in Houston. In , he earned a bachelor’s degree in .

He graduated in from John H. Reagan High School in Houston. In , he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Sam Houston State University [3] where he was editor of the school newspaper, The Houstonian. At Sam Houston, [4] he was a member of the Caballeros, the founding organization of the Epsilon Psi chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity. Later, he was a reporter for United Press — , several Texas radio stations, and the Houston Chronicle — Around , Rather did a story on heroin.

Under the auspices of the Houston Police, he experienced the drug which he characterized as “a special kind of hell. Rather did not fit in easily on the East Coast , and his first reports for CBS included coverage of the crash of American Airlines Flight 1 in Jamaica Bay , and a less memorable event on the suffocation of children at a hospital in Binghamton.

What would you rather?

It can change your whole life in the best way. It creates the impression that wings grow on your back and you are able to fly. You are no longer bothered with various petty troubles.

Home Love & Relationship 40 Flirty Would You Rather Questions to Ask a Guy. If you are not dating yet, this answer will show you if he can even commit to being with one person right now. Would you rather build a good house or buy a Ferrari if you win the lottery? A house is a more logical option, but a Ferrari would be fun. Ready.

Truth or dare questions? Have you ever seen a porno film? Who did you watch it with? Who do you fantasize about when you think about sex? Your lover has been magically transformed into an animal, and the only way to restore your lover is to mate with them. Which animal would cause you the least psychological damage? Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear?

If you could be born again would choose to be a different sex to what you are? If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do, what movie star would you want to kiss, and who would you notify that you are dying 9. Describe the sexiest clothes you ever wore and why. When did you stop bathing with your sibling?

Who has the biggest balls you’ve ever seen? I could be talking about a medicine ball!!!

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