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They perform just as well as my Internationals but they are not without flaws. We troll naked ballyhoo for billfish with little drag and depend on the clickers to keep the line from playing out. The clickers break on these reels. I have sent three back to Penn for repairs and am getting ready to send two more. The “switchblade” harness lugs are a liability, not an asset. With a fish on, they are very difficult to pull out of their recesses and snap into–it usually requires help from someone else, especially with a big fish. I can’t believe they were extensively field tested or these two defects would have been discovered. That said, they are my go-to reels for everyday use for sailfish and marlin because they are light and the drag holds up well.

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Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay. Anyone getting tired of catching albies? The run is still strong from Chatham to the Canal, and some big albies are still in the mix. I had one nearly take off with all my line before spitting the hook on Sunday. I was wondering what I might have hooked a fisherman just down the beach landed an albie in the plus-pound neighborhood. Schoolies are everywhere, getting fat on the schools of peanut bunker that are still hanging around the harbors and beaches.

Scup, commonly referred to as the porgy, is what kicks off the Adventure with Magellan Deep Sea Fishing Charters spring recreational fishery season in Nantucket Sound off the coast of Cape Cod. Porgies hit your bait like an electrical shock and when hooked on light tackle .

The Salt Shaker charter fishing boat caters to anglers of all fishing backgrounds and offers fishing services to private groups, family fishing trips, and anyone looking to have a fun day on the water catching fish. Cape Cod is one of the Hottest striped bass fishing areas on the Eastern Seaboard. If you’re coming to the Cape Cod area on vacation or business, jump aboard the Salt Shaker for a fun day on the water. The Salt Shaker 36′ Downeast Sportfisher was designed solely for the purpose of fishing, has all the modern electronics, and safety equipment needed for a successful day of fishing Cape Cod.

All tackle is furnished, and instructions are provided by the mate for those who are new to sportfishing. Captain Dan’s fishing methods include trolling on the surface with artificials, below the surface with weighted line wire, tubing, jigging, and spin casting. Whether you are an expert angler or a beginner, Captain Dan and the crew will deliver a first-class charter fishing experience. Hiring a professional Captain is important to ensure a successful day of fishing around the Cape Cod, Massachusetts waterways.

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Directions An Ideal Family Trip Since For over 50 years the Albatross has been delighting vacationing families as well as local residents with bottom fishing trips in Cape Cod Bay. A short boat ride out of Sesuit Harbor to and from the fishing grounds allows for approximately three hours of actual fishing time. For your comfort we suggest you bring a light jacket or wind breaker as there is often a cool breeze out on the bay, even on the hottest afternoon. Out of consideration for others, please no children under the age of four years old.

We invite you to try us first. Many vacationing families fish with us year after year.

Eastmans Cod Trip – Gearing up with Lav Jig & Squid Teasers I have a cod trip out of Eastmans Port, New Hampshire. Here is the gear I have prepared for the 12 hour marathon.

Enlarge this image Michael Sprague with the Mass Audubon’s turtle rescue program helps recover a stranded sea turtle in December In recent days, more than turtles have washed up in Cape Cod because of a phenomenon known as “cold-stunning. Unable to swim, they’re pushed along by strong winds to the shore or to shallower waters, where they can literally freeze to death. As of Monday morning, the sanctuary had recovered turtles, putting on track to be the second-largest cold-stun season since the sanctuary started its rescue program in the early s, according to Jenette Kerr, communications coordinator for the sanctuary.

Of that total, turtles were found alive and were dead — about a ratio. Kerr told NPR that this early in the season, generally “about 80 percent or more of the turtles we rescue are alive. There were also nine loggerheads, including one weighing nearly pounds. Some of this week’s survivors have been transported to the New England Aquarium’s Animal Care Facility for rehabilitation.

Scientists say that the naturally migratory turtles are heading farther north as climate change warms the planet’s oceans.

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Fishing in Cape Cod Feb 7, , 3: It’s good and tough. Maybe you can even find a can of it in your grocery store at home to save you a trip when you get here. If not, there are plenty of places you’ll be able to find it when you get here.

The Block Island grounds aren’t deep, and the best winter cod wrecks are only in about feet, but some anglers prefer 4/0 reels that have lots of power for cranking up cod.

This blog addresses frequently asked questions about all aspects of fishing. Follow by Email Buck Tail Secrets from Stan Kuzia My name is Jeff Miller; I am a very fortunate person because I have had the privilege of growing up and fishing with men and women that are now considered to be legends. These fishermen have taught me a lot of helpful tricks.

But, the man that has helped me out the most is Stan Kuzia. Stan comes in the store every day and just schools me on how to fish. He is 88 years old and still is down the Canal every day casting wooden plugs. But, let me tell you Kuzia has the best casting technique of all time, it is just so smooth and effortless. Stan might look like much but he is no joke, whatever he has forgotten about fishing in his old age, is more then I will ever know.

Kuzia was best friends with the late Stan Gibbs and use to help Gibbs test and design all the custom wooden plugs for the ever popular Gibbs Lures company. As Stan Gibbs was a master at top water fishing, Stan Kuzia is the all-time ranging champ of bottom fishing. Stan Kuzia is known for creating the Ku-Jig Company. The Ku-jig is the most popular buck tail jig in the Canal area.

Everyone in the Canal area uses these lures, so this article is made to give some insight on all the lessons Kuzia has told me.

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Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Just Doggies and Whiting. Got down there today. Met Shane Edwards and away we went.

JD’s Big Game Tackle – Fish Report * disclaimer: these fish reports are just that, fish stories that change daily.

Fast action, lots of fish, and the warm summer sun make for a fun day. Light tackle with live or dead bait work very well for lots of hook-ups. Trolling wire line with jigs or tube and worm also work well for catching large stripers. In the early spring, 20 minutes is all it takes to the fishing grounds. Later, we fish Monomoy rips, Nantucket, Marthas Vinyard, or wherever the fish show up.

A six to eight hour trip is best to maximize fishing time. Tuna Fishing Charter Fishing Trips Fishing for small to medium school bluefin tuna is some of the most fun fishing anyone could imagine. Whales and dolphin are a common site, usually fishing right in amongest them which makes for an unforgettable experience. Fresh grilled tuna is delicious. Giant bluefin trips aren’t for everyone.

Cape Cod and Islands Fishing Report –August 12th – August 18th 2018

Return to all Flies Articles Hooks: Three patterns tied on jig hooks: Whether you purchase flies at your local fly shop or twist up your own creations, this is the standard used by most fly fishermen. In the last seven to eight years, however, there has been a movement among salty brethren on the left coast toward tying saltwater flies on jig hooks — specifically, jig hooks with degree bends.

Now, this movement has grown and spread its way eastward, riding the buzz from a lot of anglers who believe that patterns tied on a degree jig hook are superior.

Feb 06,  · I don’t know how far you want to drive as I am more familiar with the outer Cape (Eastham to Provincetown).That is a ways from West to bait and tackle they are all over the Cape and you can find them by searching on Google.

Jeff Fortin left and Brad Murphy lift the Boat fishermen in Buzzards Bay have been pulling the occasional to pound fish out of large schools of 24 to 36 inch bass. He asked Fortin if he should follow the fish, but Fortin declined, not fully knowing the size of the fish he was attached to. Fortin was fighting the fish on a size Shimano Saragosa spooled with pound test braided line attached to a pound-test leader with a uni-to-uni knot.

With the real possibility of being spooled or having the fish break the leader, Gould maneuvered the boat as it ran underneath another boat. Weeds covered the bass when it first came into view next to the boat, making it difficult to determine its full size. The fish had five full-size pogies and a half-digested mackerel in its stomach. When we got it into the boat, all we could do was stare at it.

After a couple photos, they tried to revive the massive bass, but the fish was spent and rolled over. Later that morning, it would weigh in at Fortin, who has joined the Striper Cup almost every year, said it was the first fish he ever weighed in for the tournament. The inch bass had a inch girth and five full-size pogies in its stomach, along with a half-digested mackerel.

After getting the pounder, the crew made another drift through the sweet spot.

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Catching Livebaits Good quality live baits are often harder to catch than the bigger fish and it can take hours to catch enough for a couple of hours fishing. This part will detail most of the livebaits that can be used, how to catch them and where you might find them. Livebaits are like any fish, they come and they go so numbers are constantly fluctuating.

Always have a backup plan if you can’t find any of your chosen livebait. Pike in a Livewell Pike My favourite livebait and one of the biggest livebaits with an average size around 30cm.

Frequently updated cape cod fishing hook is the www, product: old inlet bait tackle and info daily! Learn how to attach every common type of luring various animals, a round hook .

Few thrills in offshore fishing can hold a candle to batting a big bluefin tuna. Make sure your tackle is matched to the size of the fish if you want any chance to land one of these freight trains. Smaller fish usually show up in the waters off Cape Cod in late spring or early summer. Trolling squid spreader bars are a go-to in the Northeast, with pink reigning as a favorite color. Glynn Target surface-feeding fish with light tackle from a center console for a fast-paced and exciting way to put a few spring bluefin tuna in the boat.

Herring, menhaden and mackerel are commonly used both as chum and hook baits. The bluefin tuna action can be off the charts late in the season, but finding a weather window to fish for these game fish is key. Weather can kick up quick this time of year. Glynn When fishing large baits make sure to use heavy tackle. John Galvin chases bluefin aboard the Mulberry Canyon all season. To get in on the action, visit mulberrycanyon. New England anglers wait with baited breath every season for the arrival of bluefin tuna.

Beginning in late spring and early summer, the waters off the coast of Cape Cod see individual bluefin from 50 to 1, pounds beginning to show south of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, east of Chatham and on Stellwagen Bank.

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