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The finishes were baked in the Kauffman family oven. They were made in three different sizes, 1×8″ one 8″ speaker , 1×10″, and 1×15″. They are all very rare today and few have survived. The first amplifiers made in-house by Fender is the Woodie series, built in and Tweed amplifiers Main article: Fender tweed Fender amplifiers began making a name for themselves with the Tweed series, so called because of their cloth covering, which is actually varnished cotton twill tweed is a coarse woollen fabric, commonly used for jackets, coats and caps; it is often woven in a twill pattern, which is likely the reason for the confusion over naming. They were produced for more than a decade and are now eminently collectible and praised for their sound quality. The twill was first used in on the Champion or “green tweed” model.

How to Date a Fender Bassman Amplifier

The warm tube sound was introduced in when the first Bassman model was designed for Fender Precision Bass guitars. Shortly thereafter, the Bassman would become the most sought after amplifier for country and rock guitar and bass players. The ability to date a Fender Bassman will often mean the difference between thousands of dollars when shopping for a vintage Bassman.

Since the Leo Fender and Co. The only sure-fire way to date a Fender Bassman is by matching serial schemes. Find the tube chart located in the back of your amplifier.

Vox Guitar Serial Number Dating. 11/10/ Peavey was founded by Hartley Peavey in building amps. Guitars were added After March 1. Fender dropped the old style date stamp and continued to use the new style, 8- digit code. See “neck stamps” section below for more info.

I don’t honestly know how thats possible. I run an 06′ Les Paul Standard with BB Pros right into the amp GA5 also in the hi output jack, and I start to get that sweet sweet overdrive at about a third of the way up. The next third I like to really interact with the sound of the volume and tone knobs on my guitar for different levels of gain and tones. The GA-5 is a very vintage tuned type of amplifier. The speaker really has to be broken in which mine finally is, and you really need to control the amp with your guitars controls.

The only way to really get overdrive is to turn up that one volume chicken knob, and plug into the Hi output jack.

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Fender Guitars Serial Numbers Decoder – GuitarInsite If you want to know the production year of your Fender guitar, you can calculate it with the serial number decoder, or find it in the tables below. Buy a Vintage Fender Bass or Used Fender Bass Vintage and Used Fender basses for sale online and in our Chicago guitar shop Baldwin amplifiers Just as Baldwin was casting around for a guitar company to buy in ’65, the company began manufacturing Baldwin amplifiers, which were produced at This story was compiled from many articles with information about the Fender Mustang guitar

Jan 31,  · ll Fender amplifiers, manufactured after include a date code on the amplifier. This code is located on the “QA” (Quality Assurance) sticker, which may be found on the back of Status: Resolved.

All You Breed is Love, love By Bob Willcutt One of the most innovative, and perhaps artistic guitar companies today is Breedlove Guitars. As with many of the present day luthier based companies, their story takes many directions until they finally find themselves and leave a lasting legacy. Kim Breedlove was born in , near here, in Lafayette Indiana. The next year his family moved to San Diego, California and in he was playing in a little league with the future famous Hawaiian luthier, James Goodall, and even studied art with Goodall’s mother!

Speaking of strange intertwinements of time and places, my best friend in High School that I also played in a band with, was Clarke Kawakami. I had not heard from him in thirty years, when he tracked me down through the Willcutt Guitars website. He had become a luthier on his own like me, and was working with James Goodall in Hawaii!

As I look out my window at the ice covered parking lot, and thinking of Clarke in Hawaii, I remember the old saying, “Bloom where you are planted’! Kim then received his bachelor’s degree in art, drawing, and painting from Long Beach State University in To celebrate, he took a surfing trip to Mexico and after visiting the guitar-making town of Peracho he decided to become an instrument builder.

How old is my vintage amplifier?

In the early days he followed the tradition of Syd, using different slide techniques to create effects and soundscapes. Among these were a Fender pedal steel. The guitar has two necks with 8 strings on each David most likely used only 6 of them , Fender humbucker pickups, tone and volume knob and a neck selector switch as well as 10 pedals.

However, David never used these and they were later taken off as seen in the DSotM documentary. The was first used for the recording of One of These Days Meddle I went off to Sound City, which was the in place to go in the west of London, and they had two Jedsons, a blonde one and a red one.

DATING YOUR GRETSCH. Through much of the company`s history, Gretsch guitars were numbered sequentially and/or chronologically, so serial numbers (in addition to the features on the guitar) can give a very accurate idea of when the guitar was made.

Submit your Guitar How old is my vintage amplifier? There are several ways to determine when a Fender amp was produced. First use the cosmetic features to get a range of possible years. Next, if applicable look for the date code on the tube chart. Remember, many components could have been changed over the years, speakers blow, caps dry out, transformers melt down, and pots wear out. Here is a cool link to a Vintage Fender Amp price history chart that tracks sales data for specific amp models by the month.

Wide panel, narrow panel, brown, blonde, and black face amps have a date code hand-stamped on the tube chart. This code is made up of two letters. The first letter translates to the year and the second to the month. The reissue amps also made use of this code. Electronic components such as transformers, potentiometers, speakers, and some capacitors are often stampted with a date code indicating who manufactured them and when.

The code follows the format: Remember, your amp is newer than the newest component.

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A Bill Haley Stereo LP was released in April , it’s sales must have been almost zero, but copies are around as likely sold off as clearance. By the amount of these styles in Stereo by clearly very few sold, even in Beatles ‘Sgt Pepper’ huge seller is more common in Mono. The idea these Stereo Amps mainly were just quick cash-ins is noted in the books of the time, as with any the next generation will have been superior in quality like the Mono ones were considered.

The ToneQuest Report advisory board member and super player, James Pennebaker, first alerted us to the full potential of the AC30 when, after two decades of loyally playing vintage Fender amps, he switched to the reissue AC30 TBX as his main stage rig. Suddenly, James’ tone seemed to become his own, whether he was playing through his vintage.

This is a jam band type of amp. What I mean by that is that the amps have a tone not far from that of a classic Fender Deluxe. Also, every time I see one or hear someone playing one it is always with a Fender Stratocaster and they are playing some blues lick or riff. This amp just by pure cosmetics doesn’t scream to me to be beat up and abused. It is a sit around and jam quietly and feel good or bad depending on the mood of the setting. The voicing of this amp is a blues voicing that really cannot be dialed out.

So therefore you are limited to what you can play out of this amp. It is really hard to get a rock or metal tone out of it. It just doesn’t go that directing. It is like the turtle that moves slowly towards the finish line.

Pro Jr. build date

I promise the tables will still be there after you finish reading. We also received a report of a tweed 5G12 Concert. The 5G12 Concert is the earliest version from very late and early so the existence of a tweed example, while extremely rare, is certainly plausible since Fender was making lots of tweed amps during the same time period.

Machine Gun Amps Troubleshooting your tube amp. If you find that the fuse blows after replacing one of the power tubes, and still blows when you install a known good power tube, you could possibly have a blown output transformer. 2. There is a crackling sound that happens all the time or sporadically Last updated 2/19/

Serial number identification and decoding August 2, How to date and identify your Fender instruments using serial numbers and production date stamps. No one likes it when you forget their birthday and neither does your Fender. Fender was sold to CBS in the first week of January , but already in late mass production was slowly being introduced, which gradually lowered quality and ultimately collectibility. It is important to remember that Fender serial numbers are NOT conclusively chronological.

Back in the day, Fender made their serial number plates in big batches and the assembler simply grabbed a decal or more from the crate and slapped it on the guitar. As a result, many numbers and dates overlap. To get as close as possible to determining the age of your Fender, make sure to check all dates on both body, neck and pots. The locations of the serial numbers and dates change from model to model and in some cases they have simply been omitted.

Also, labeling techniques have changed with Fender owners, slightly adding to the confusion. This article deals only with U. How do I find the serial number on my U. Typically the serial number is penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses. Neck dating can be useful in finding the approximate age of your guitar. Since the neck is only a component of the guitar, it could have been produced a number of years before the actual instrument was assembled, hence the date on the neck is not necessarily the production date of the whole guitar.

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When he turned 13, his father rented one for him. Reflecting on the incident, Mayer said, “That was the moment the songwriter in me was born”, and he penned his first lyrics the night he left the hospital. The EP includes eight songs with Mayer on lead vocals and guitars. Major label and commercial success — See also: During this time, Aware concluded a deal with Columbia Records that gave Columbia first pick in signing Aware artists.

The re-release included reworked studio versions of the first four songs from Inside Wants Out.

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The serial numbers indicate only the production order of the amp within the series. There is no date information coded into the serial number. In addition, Mesa Boogie makes a large number of special orders for amplifiers, so the presence or exclusion of features is not an indication of the production year. Mesa Boogie produces about 1, amplifiers a year, which can be used to refine the estimate slightly more.

Divide the serial number of the Mesa Boogie amp by 1, Ignore the remainder after dividing the serial number. This is the estimated number of years the amp was made after the Mark was introduced. This is an estimate of the production year for that amplifier.

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