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The Culture, Religion and Customs of Morocco. Language The official language in Morocco is Arabic, though almost one third of the population will speak Berber, mostly in rural areas and the mountains. However French is taught in the schools and is often used in commerce and business. Around Tangier, there will be many people who can speak Spanish, due to the proximity of Spain and Spain’s past involvement in that corner of the country. Muslims those that follow Islam are expected to pray 5 times per day, with the first call to prayer at dawn the call to prayer nowadays coming from speakers on the minaret of the mosque. Friday is the Muslim holy day and shops or market stalls are likely to close around mid-day. Muslims are not expected to drink alcohol though you will find alcohol available , eat pork becoming available for tourists , or expose their bodies. During the month of Ramadan this does not coincide with a particular calendar month and it’s date moves forward approximately 10 days each year , Muslims do not eat, drink or smoke during the day. They are however tolerant of non-Muslims or tourists who feel a need to eat. Those people should however avoid eating or drinking in public view.

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The same thing goes for men by the way. There is a good opportunity this lady is a good one. In Morocco, when you find a good person, they are usually really good and a catch. I am not talking about money here but about being upstanding and a decent person. The only way to find out is do some investigating.

Morocco is a country rich in history, tradition and culture most of which is tied to it’s official religion of Islam. The Berbers are believed to be the original inhabitants around BC, and still make up a large part of the population today.

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The Berbers are believed to be the original inhabitants around BC, and still make up a large part of the population today. Since then it has been settled, colonized and reclaimed by several different nations including the Phoenicians during the Roman Empire, the flourish of Islam under Idrisid Empire, the Alouite Dynasty, and French and Spanish protectorate lasting until when Morocco gained its independence from France.

Many of the customs, laws, and practices within Islam widely influence the people and the culture of Morocco today. As the country develops and Westernizes, many modern changes can be noted in the people living in major cities such as Rabat, Casablanca and Tangier, while Fes and Marrakesh maintain the traditions of old world Morocco.

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This is a guest post I asked Brenda to write as my dating experience is over a decade old at this point. Both she and I wrestled with how to talk about this topic but I knew I wanted to. Dating itself in Morocco, between Moroccans themselves and between Moroccans and foreigners can feel and be a reality for a good chunk of people taboo. There are so many factors and circumstances that make up the dating world in and out of Morocco.

To begin, I want to say the thing some people will hate to admit: Whether religiously they or others believe it is right or wrong, it exists in Morocco just like anywhere else in the world. In rural places, dating is secretive. In my own experience, I only became aware of teenagers crushing on each other from my pseudo-village confidante position being the only American in the village. But, for traditional and oddly some non-traditional folk, you become a woman when you consummate your marriage.

For many couples this is the ultimate no-no. A variety of reasons for this come to mind: This is also visible for mixed couples like myself and my significant other. Prostitution is also illegal and while the two things are mutually exclusive topics they both occur in Morocco. On an almost contradictory point, I should point out in big cities some couples actually live together.

Morocco – People and Culture

Some of the stone tools from Jebel Irhoud. Max Planck Institute “In our lineage, it seems the face evolved first and the brain is a longer story of natural selection over time,” he said. As well as changing shape, Professor Hublin said it suggested a change in the size and structure of the cerebellum over time. Professor Grun and other geochronologists, led by Associate Professor Daniel Richter from the Max Planck Institute, used two methods to determine the age of the specimens.

Recently, Morocco has begun allowing Moroccan mothers of children born outside Morocco to petition for their children’s citizenship. For further information on that process, please contact the Embassy of Morocco in Washington, D.C., or the Moroccan Consulate General in New York.

Unfortunately, marriage with these people is far from being the sacred tie, or the life-long union of Christian men and women. Lightly made, it is lightly broken, and people are often married and divorced many times before they reach the age of thirty! The contracting parties have no opportunities for making each other’s acquaintance before the wedding-day, consequently the first few months, or years, of their married life are sometimes very stormy.

The youths in Morocco usually contrive to get a glimpse of their future brides by hiding in their mother’s room when the young ladies come to pay their respects to her. As in most Eastern countries, marriages are ” arranged,” not, however, by a match-maker,” but very often by some friend of the young man. There is no hard-and-fast rule in these matters, and the search for a bride is often undertaken by the young man’s mother, or some female relative.

Moorish tribes are made up of duars, or clans, each one consisting of ten, fifteen, or even twenty families, all related to one another, and a man usually marries a girl belonging to his own duar. If a suitable young woman cannot be found in the town or village, a search will be made among those who inhabit the mountains. A visitor may be told that So-and-So is to be married at a certain time, but on inquiring the name of the bride they say, ” that is not settled yet, but we shall be sure to hear of a girl somewhere!

Should she be satisfied she asks the mother for her on behalf of her son, and the mother replies, Ask her father, and if he consents, I will give her. In some villages the head man has a great deal to do with the arranging of marriages, acting the part of father to those who are orphans, and in any case assisting the father in his negotiation with the suitor.

Advice on marrying moroccan women?

Mediterranean, becoming more extreme in the interior Population: In addition, about 10 million Moroccans, mostly in rural areas, speak Berber–which exists in Morocco in three different dialects Tarifit, Tashelhit, and Tamazight –either as a first language or bilingually with the spoken Arabic dialect. French, which remains Morocco’s unofficial third language, is taught universally and still serves as Morocco’s primary language of commerce and economics; it also is widely used in education and government.

Many Moroccans in the northern part of the country speak Spanish. English, while still far behind French and Spanish in terms of number of speakers, is rapidly becoming the foreign language of choice among educated youth. English is taught in all public schools from the fourth year on.

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Moroccan Wedding Traditions and Customs Moroccan Marriage Introduction In Morocco the marriage celebration includes several well organized ceremonies that can last from 3 days to a week, depending on the family and region of Morocco. These festivities are always the ideal opportunity to bring Moroccan families together and show the richness of Moroccan customs and traditions through clothing, art, music or cuisine which is represented via a cocktail of delicious dishes.

Moroccan women still attend in the traditional ways. The wedding dress is usually a caftan, a sort of long robe made of silk, satin, chiffon, silk or other rich fabrics, and covered with a jacket. The dress is often open on the bottom and may have embroidery or sequined details, and may be retained by a wide belt at the waist that adds a stunning touch to the moment.

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